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Episode I

Rain Kids

(บุตรธิดาแห่งสายฝน) 2017

Rain Kids refers to a Bang Fai craftsmen community of Baan Na Pho, Roi Et, Thailand (บ้านนาโพธิ์ จังหวัดร้อยเอ็ด) who gather annually from the months of March until June to make & launch Bang Fai according to the Isan tradition.

The origin of this ancient practice purposefully tied a mythical belief of Praya Thaen (พระยาแถน) & seasonal rain together in a merit-making (ทําบุญ) activity in which young men of the village found their unity in breaking the gravity's bound with fire vessels. But as ancient history is told through a chronicle of myth and reality, the contemporary folks are finding less faith in such belief.

The docu-film Rain Kids introduces the viewer to the current transformation of myth specific to this community. Touching on the inheritance of vernacular knowledge passing down from one generation to the next along the parallel lines of superstition & innovation.