Rocket Trail
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Episode IV 

Extraterra (trailer)


The conquest of space has redefined the idea of frontier and territorial sovereignty to such an extreme, that notions from 15th Century’s colonial expansion are being re-visited. In space ships today, as well as on those first transoceanic vessels, the idea of crime becomes of a particular kind, one related to the scarcity of resources and distance from jurisdictions.

Rockets are the ships that have reached the most distant territories, and by doing so, they have left behind the flatness of our ancient legal frameworks down on earth. A new field of law is thus born, space law. An academic branch that studies the fragility of our extraterrestrial endeavours and dreams. Dreams of planetary settlements, orbital infrastructures and the mining of celestial bodies. Now, as then, our worst enemy is our self.

This is a tale about the transition from horizontal to vertical frontiers. 

rockets and frontiers