Rocket Trail
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Rocket Trail at Baltan Laboratories and Natlab

Exhibition, September - October 2020, Eindhoven, Netherlands. 

Organised by Lucas Muñoz and Baltan Laboratories
With the support of Stimuleering Fonds. 
Curated by Lucas Muñoz.
Exhibition team: Inés Sistiaga, Stefano Fussani, Tauras Stalnionis, Emiel Arts (Antigoon).

After 3 years of collaborative work, filming and research, the Rocket Trail project found a checkpoint at Baltan Laboratories exhibition space in Eindhoven. The exhibition featured the six developed movies plus all the compiled archive and obejects. The massive Thai rocket shot by the RT team in Roi-et (Thailand) was brought from Bangkok and exhibited as a central piece. Together to it, a bibliogrpahy of fiction and culture was exhibited and some Chinese bamboo traditional rockets.

During the exhibtioin time, the long movie, Rocket Trails, featuring all independent episodes combined into one sinlge narrative, was screened at Natlab cinema. A radio program at RARARA radio took place on parallel and some of the RT participants went live!

The exhibition in Eindhoven was designed to be a residue less expo, so no vinyl cut on the floor or walls was used, instead all texts were writen with a robotic arm designed and put to work by Emiel Arts (Antigoon). After the exhibition, boards gos sanded to remove the texts.

Boards were  screw and glue free, everything was tied with rope. Onlhy small cuts were made to the boards and always respecting the proportions of the original board, creating no leftover.

There were multiple QR codes that  lead to online resources and extra material, featuring this way the archive of the project and avoiding printing and podium making efforts.